Living the Dream Lifestyle is the New Business

The idea of living a dream life is far removed from the majority of people’s thoughts as the cloud of economic depression continues to spread across the globe. Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers last September the world has been in turmoil. The effects have been devastating. Mass unemployment, business closures, property foreclosures, plummeting bank shares or investment portfolios have occupied the media’s agenda and they have enjoyed a frenzy of activity publicist all the gruesome facts. Millions of people are struggling just to pay their bills and provide food for their families and the grim reality is a wake up call for people whose dreams have been shattered overnight and prosperity has been replaced by survival.Business experts have been encouraging people to start running their own businesses as an alternative and take charge of their future in this climate and there are great benefits to changes of lifestyle being promoted to encourage people to take up this mantel. Forbes magazine predicts that 79million new businesses will be created in America over the next 10 years. The reality is that before the recession started, millions of people had jobs in various sectors but lifestyle conditions in these jobs made life unbearable and miserable for millions of families. A combination of early rising, long commuting, long hours, poor pay and even bullying resulted in a poor quality of family life.People’s idea of a dream lifestyle differ dramatically. For some, it is owning the dream house, the Ferrari or world vacation, for others freedom of mobility represents a dream lifestyle, where you spend more time with your family and watch them growing up on a daily basis and enjoy simple family activities like walking, fishing, a trip to the beach etc. For others more time to engage in your passions, hobbies or interests that have eluded you over time because of the time consumed in work represents a dream lifestyle and something we can all relate to.Having your own business allows you to have this freedom of mobility and if you become successful then this dream does become a real reality. The new generation of entrepreneurs openly promote the dream lifestyle in a range of videos that range from preaching from an exotic location or a simple walk along the riverbank sharing the joy of their lives and encouraging others to make those changes too. Live marketing events tend to be organized in exotic locations also to promote this new found freedom.Every human being craves freedom in whatever form this may take and with more and more people having more freedom and often not by choice it seems that the trend to promote the dream lifestyle is set to continue.

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