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The Commercial Property Loans

Commercial property loans can be affected through commercial banks, private lending institutions, mutual companies and other financial groups. These lenders will usually have standards that vary widely. Their standards and how they are met help them evaluate potential borrowers. However, they frequently focus exclusively on the private sector of the market. They tend to have financial qualifications that are more lenient than banks.Hard money and bridge loans are what commercial lenders normally specialize in. These are the ones that close very quickly, sometimes in as little as a couple of weeks. Brokers are the people who most often access the commercial loan industry insiders. They will approach the lenders with evaluations of potential borrowers and will then recommend the financingCommercial property loans involve close scrutiny by lenders who weigh the quality, equity and type of the hard collateral extremely heavily. The lenders try to provide the borrower with as much flexibility as they can, but they also charge the highest rates when they are compared to a bank loan. A lot of commercial loans are temporary bridge loans where the hither rate is an acceptable offer in exchange for the speed with which they can process the loan.The commercial lending entities as an industry operate with great speed and responsiveness, thanks to freedom from government regulations. This makes it a good option for those who seek fast funding. However, this has nurtured a predatory lending wave wherein many of the companies refer loans to each other. This increases the loan points and the price each time one refers to the other.Some lending companies give cause for concern because they require payments up front to simply investigate loans. These companies refuse nearly all properties but unfairly keep the fees. Borrowers should exercise caution and avoid hard money lenders who ask for huge fees up front before agreeing to fund a project.There is also great concern about the practices of some lending companies in the industry who require upfront payments to investigate loans and refuse to lend on virtually all properties while keeping this fee. Borrowers are advised not to work with hard money lenders who require exorbitant upfront fees prior to funding. Instead, it is a good idea to shop around and interview more than one lender. Find out what the terms of the loan are and see the advice of a professional realtor or lawyer before signing anything pertaining to the loan.

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Art And Its Impact On The Human Mind

Many different forms of art have been shown to have profound effects on the human mind. Alzheimer’s patients, for example, are often involved in music therapy, which has shown to help them recover and reconnect with past memories. Even if only momentarily, the memories they experience have shown to increase positive moods and improve their quality of life.Most forms of art are able to impact the human mind in one way or another, even if it may be negative. What is most important is to explore the impact art has on the human mind and figure out how to positively harness the impact and minimize any negativity.Pop art, for example, impacts different people in different ways. With its strong ties to commercial consumerism and found art, it is easy to evoke emotion in someone when utilizing the properties of Pop art.Nostalgic Undertones
Emotions and feelings surrounding past events can be easily conjured up through the study of Pop art. Pop art is specifically tied to nostalgic thoughts since many of these works utilize old comics, food wrappers, advertisements and other types of found art that people may recognize from past events in their lives. Many of the most famous pieces in the Pop art movement have utilized popular advertisements that could be easily tied to past memories.Utilizing pop art to delve into past memories can be very therapeutic for many different reasons. For example, if someone is dealing with a childhood trauma, memories from childhood can help them figure out exactly what happened and how to move past it. Through art pieces that they can associate with their past, the memories will come more freely since they are not elicited by direct objects, but indirect thought instead.Clearly art therapy can work in regards to bringing back past memories. Pop art is not the only type of art that can be used to help stimulate areas of the brain and help in the process of resolving issues.The Brain Feels Rewarded
According to a 2010 study conducted by researchers at the Emory University School of Medicine, viewing paintings as opposed to photographs of similar objects evoked more of a sense of reward within the brain. Participants in the study were shown pieces from different artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso, and then they were showed photographs that depicted very similar objects. When they studied the brains of the participants through imaging technology, the ventrial striatum, which is part of the reward system, became more strongly activated when the participant saw a painting rather then a photograph of a similar object.This area of the brain is typically tied to different types of addiction, especially gambling. With the power of art being able to affect the reward system in such a powerful way, it begs the question as to whether certain types of art may be able to help stimulate the brain in a way that helps with addictive behavior.Benefits to Underprivileged Children
Art therapy has also been used to awaken the senses of underprivileged children through both the viewing and creating of art. According to research compiled and analyzed by Christina Pili, the experiences that disadvantaged children are often exposed to can create deep issues in regards to their motor, social and cognitive abilities. With these types of issues many children begin to develop nervousness, anxiety, sleeping excessive or too little, and a lack of verbal, social and language skills. Music, dance, painting and other forms of art have shown to have an incredibly significant and positive effect on children who come from disadvantaged homes and have been exhibiting delayed behaviors in these areas.By awakening the senses through experimentation with the different types of art these children are experiencing, they are able to see increased abilities in their cognitive, motor and social skills. These are invaluable skills that are important to their overall quality of life.The Many Colors of Pop Art
Returning one last time to the power of Pop art on the human mind, some studies show that different colors are able to tap into various emotions within different people. Pop art is known very well for its use of bright, vibrant colors. Bright yellows often evoke a feeling of happiness, which is a very common color in Pop art pieces. Depending on the color within the piece, different emotions can be displayed by the observer.Clearly different aspects of art and the participation in the arts can have a profound and positive effect on the human mind. Pop art is especial useful in helping evoke past memories and gain insight through the use of bright colors. Art is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed, and knowing the powers it can have on the human mind is certainly an added bonus.

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